Do copper cookware work with an Induction Cooktop?

Copper cookware is widely considered to be the best type of cookware money can buy. It heats up quickly and evenly, and it also cools down just as rapidly – making it ideal for cooking on the stovetop.
Copper is also a very attractive material, so your cookware will look great as well as perform well.

But the real question is, does copper cookware work on induction?

The answer is No, Copper material alone doesn’t work with induction cooktops. Induction cooktops use a magnetic field to generate heat, and copper is not magnetic.

However, there are some copper pans and even complete cookware sets that are composed of a magnetic base – usually steel – that will work on an induction cooktop.

The best example of a Copper Induction based Pan is Gotham Steel Nonstick Frying Pan.

Why is Copper Cookware Not Induction-Friendly?

Ok fine, we know that copper is not a magnetic metal. But still, we don’t understand the reason behind it. Let’s try to understand the reason why Copper is not induction friendly.

But before that one should understand how the induction hob works.

An induction cooker uses a magnetic field to heat up the pan. The cooker has an electromagnet inside it that produces a magnetic field. When you place a pan on the cooker, the magnetic field creates an eddy current in the base of the pan. The eddy current generates heat, and this is what cooks your food.

The cookware type that works on induction stoves is made up of ferromagnetic materials like cast iron or stainless steel. These materials are attracted to the electromagnet in the induction cooker and allow an eddy current to flow through them, which in turn produces heat.

Now that we know how induction cookers work, we can see why copper pans are not compatible with them. Copper is not a magnetic metal, so the magnetic field cannot create an eddy current in the base of the pan. As a result, the pan will not generate any heat and your food will not cook.

How to Check whether Your Copper pan will work on Induction?

I know that you will think about how will I check it. It’s quite simple actually, all you need is a magnet.

Just take a magnet and try to stick it to the base of your pan. If it’s able to stick then your pan will work on induction otherwise not.

This is because the steel or cast iron bases of copper pans are often magnetic, while the copper itself is not. So if you can stick a magnet to the base of your pan, it will work on an induction cooktop.

If you’re not sure whether your pan has a magnetic base, you can always contact the manufacturer to find out.

What is the Best Copper Cookware for Induction Stove?

If you’re looking for the best copper cookware for induction stoves, then try Gotham Steel Hammered Collection 10 Piece Cookware Set.

Gotham Steel is the first and only company to make a pan with a titanium and ceramic surface. This ensures that your food won’t stick and that it will slide right off the pan when you’re done cooking. It also means that you won’t have to use as much oil or butter, so your food will be healthier.

This cookware set is made with a magnetic base, so it will work on induction cooktops. The set includes almost everything you need to get started in the kitchen, including a frying pan, saucepan, stockpot, and saute pan.

The Gotham Steel Cookware set is also made with a ceramic non-stick coating, so your food will slide right off the pan – no sticking, no scraping, and no hassle. The set is oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use it for all your cooking needs.

Lastly, this set is free from harmful chemicals like PFOA, PFOS, lead, and cadmium. So you can rest assured that your food will be healthy and safe.

How to use a non-induction Copper Pan on Induction?

There is a great way to use your non-induction cookware on the induction cooktop way and by following it step by step you will be able to know how to do it.

The method is using an induction disk. This is a disk that you can place under your pan to create an inductive surface. This will allow you to use your copper pan on an induction stove. Though this method will work, it is not always ideal as the disk can get in the way and make it difficult to use your pan.

Final Thoughts

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat, so it’s ideal for cooking on the stovetop. Copper heats up quickly and evenly, and it also cools down just as rapidly. This makes it possible to cook at higher temperatures with more control, which is ideal for delicate dishes like fish or vegetable stir-fries.

However, copper is not compatible with induction cooktops. This is because copper is not a magnetic metal, and the induction process relies on magnetic fields to generate heat.

If you want to use copper cookware on an induction cooktop, you can use an induction plate or disk. This will create an inductive surface that will allow you to use your copper pan.

But the best way is to use cookware that is specifically designed for induction cooktops. And we already recommended one of the best copper cookware set for induction stove.