Top 8 Best Granite Cookware Sets in 2023

Best Granite Cookware is the one that not only looks beautiful but also lasts longer and ensures even heat distribution. It is an ideal choice for those who want to use it on a daily basis as it is easy to care for and maintain.

Best Overall
CAROTE Granite Cookware Set

CAROTE Granite Cookware Set

Best Value For Money
Kitchen Academy granite 12 Piece cookware Set

Kitchen Academy Granite Cookware Set

Best Editor Choice
JEETEE Granite Coating Cookware

JEETEE Granite Cookware Set

Granite cookware sets are the newest way to ensure you are always prepared to cook up a storm with your favorite appliances. Whether you are whipping up a tasty treat or making a batch of cookies, granite is the perfect material for your kitchen.

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of using granite cookware, But you might not be sure what granite cookware actually is, why it is so great and what exactly makes it so different from other types of cookware.

Here’s the lowdown on what makes granite cookware special and why it is worth investing in.

What is granite cookware?

Granite cookware, or simply graniteware, is a type of enamelware. Despite what its name suggests, it is not made from granite stone and is only named as such for its mottled or speckled appearance. 

It was first used in Germany in the late 1700s when the process of fusing glass coating to a metal base using high temperatures of about 2000°F was invented.
At that time, cast iron pieces used granite to give them a smoother texture. Its popularity spread to Europe before finally reaching the US.  

Nowadays, the glass coating or porcelain enamel is applied on an aluminum alloy, carbon steel, or stainless steel core. It results in a glossy surface that is inert and non-porous.

Modern ones are lighter and thinner than older graniteware, which was thick and heavy due to the cast iron core.

The beautiful, durable coating provides an excellent cooking surface that’s easy to clean and won’t break or chip like other materials. It also offers many benefits various types of cookware can’t match.

That’s especially important because most cookware brands use materials like Teflon and other types of nonstick coatings, which have been linked to health issues.

Best Granite Cookware Brands- Our Top Picks

If you are considering buying one for your kitchen, check out some of the best options I have picked for you. They will improve the quality of your life and add a beautiful cooking range to your kitchen. 

1. CAROTE Granite Cookware Set

CAROTE Granite Cookware Set
  • Brand: CAROTE
  • Number of Pieces: 10
  • Weight: 19.8 pounds
  • Finish/Coating: Non-Stick, Die-cast Aluminum Base, Bakelite Handles
  • Oven Safe: No
  • Dishwasher Safe: No
  • Induction safe: Yes

The CAROTE cookware set has some real premium quality features at a reasonable price point. The core component of this product is the nonstick ILAG granite coating created in Switzerland.

Furthermore, the multi-layer ceramic-reinforced coating makes the cooking surface ultra-durable and scratch-resistant. This feature alone provides a sense of value for your money.

The cookware has a high magnetic conductive stainless steel base and is suitable for almost all stovetops, even induction.

Its ergonomic stay-cool handles make it easy to toss and distribute weight evenly.

Additionally, the material allows the pots and pans to heat up quickly and evenly. So, if you are eager and always in a hurry, this cookware set is your best bet. 

It also features an eco-friendly granite finish and nonstick swiss grain stone material for an amazing cooking experience.

The set is PFOA and PFOS-free and holds an SGS certification. This cookware set is incredibly easy to clean, all credit to its exceptional die-cast body.

Our Thoughts

After testing and analyzing different expert options we are confident to say that CAROTE excels at crafting gorgeous non-stick cookware that is super easy to handle and provides a smooth cooking experience.

Despite the great reviews, a few users commented that the handles burn and melt at high flame. CAROTE did say to not let the flame touch the handles however it would’ve been better if the handles were also heat resistant.

Secondly, some users saw discoloration after a couple of uses inside the cookware.

Discoloration is difficult to avoid after using pots and pans for a couple of years but if the flaw comes too quickly, there is an issue with the material. The good thing is that CAROTE customer service is quick and responsive in such cases.

Overall this cookware set is for cooks looking for a healthier option and a quality set that is non-stick, durable, and easy to clean.

  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Great value for the money
  • Great heat distribution
  • Handles may burn on high heat
  • Discolors after a couple of uses
  • Not Oven Safe

2. Kitchen Academy 12 Piece Granite Cookware Set

Kitchen Academy granite 12 Piece cookware Set
  • Brand: Kitchen Academy
  • Number of Pieces: 12
  • Weight: 17.51 pounds
  • Finish/Coating: Non-Stick, Hammered
  • Oven Safe: up to 350°F 
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Induction safe: Yes

The next granite cookware brand on our list is Kitchen Academy’s Induction Cookware Set. It is an excellent choice for a healthier and more eco-friendly cooking experience since its non-stick granite coating keeps food from sticking, allowing you to use less oil.

Additionally, it’s not reactive to acidic elements so you can prepare any meal without fearing toxins. it is also lighter in weight, making it easier to carry and grip. 

This cookware has an aluminum core on the inside. As a result, the pan heats up rapidly and, more importantly, distributes heat evenly.

The cookware set is compatible with all major types of cooktops. Larger stainless steel bases with high magnetic conductivity ensure induction compatibility.

The pots are scratch-free, although Kitchen Academy suggests using nylon and wooden utensils to avoid damage.

Our Thoughts

Like other granite cookware set, Kitchen Academy Granite Cookware Set is not entirely free of issues.

The problem with the pans is that the handles need to be tightened with a screwdriver repeatedly. When the pan is full of hot liquid, the loose handles can be quite risky. So be cautious when moving them around the kitchen. 

This Kitchen Academy 12 Piece Granite Cookware Set is very affordable and that’s one of its biggest draws. You can get this comprehensive set of cookware for less than the cost of one pan from a high-end brand.

Obviously, you won’t get the quality of those high-end brands, either. But if you are just starting out and need cookware at a budget-friendly price point, this should fit the bill.

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Even heat distribution
  • Compatible with all stovetops
  • Sustainable and health friendly
  • Handles requires to be tightened repeatedly
  • Weakly resistant to scratching

3. Granitestone Granite Cookware Set

Granitestone Blue 20 Piece Pots and Pans Set
  • Brand: GraniteStone Diamond
  • Number of Pieces: 20
  • Weight: 29.2 pounds
  • Finish/Coating: Non-Stick, Diamonds infused, Aluminum
  • Oven Safe: up to 500°F 
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Induction safe: No

The 20-Piece Blue GraniteStone Cookware has three layers of coating reinforced with diamonds for ultimate food release, durability, and heat conductivity.

Furthermore, GraniteStone claims no oil or butter is needed, which makes it ideal for healthy cooking.

GraniteStone also claims their diamond-infused cookware to be scratch-proof and able to withstand any metal utensils, even electric beaters.

However, several users have complained about it. Even some who used wooden or plastic tools still had problems with scratching.

This GraniteStone Cookware set is compatible with all cooktops except induction and is oven-safe up to 500°F. The GraniteStone Blue collection features Y-shaped, ergonomically designed handles for both right and left-handers.

The handles are also dual riveted for extra sturdiness. However, they’re one of the biggest customer complaints as many reviews consistently decried the uncomfortable grip, saying they dug into the hand and heats up quickly. 

The cookware is dishwasher-safe; however, I observed pans started sticking and flaking after going in the dishwasher.

Our Thoughts

Overall this kitchen set is ideal for gourmet family meals and can be used for multiple cooking methods like searing, steaming, frying, and baking.

  • Offers 10-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Durable and even heat distribution
  • No scratch resistant
  • Not heat resistant handles
  • Not shatter resistant lids

4. JEETEE Granite Cookware Set

JEETEE Granite Coating Cookware
  • Brand: JEETEE
  • Number of Pieces: 20
  • Weight: 20.6 pounds
  • Finish/Coating: Non Stick, Aluminum, Bakelite Handles
  • Oven Safe: No
  • Dishwasher Safe: No
  • Induction safe: Yes

This non-stick granite coated set is beautiful and can be a stylish addition to any kitchen. This cookware has a classy ridged effect around the sides and works as a heat accumulation system.

JEETEE Granite Cookware has beautiful wood-effect non-slip handles and clear glass lids with a silicone rim. Each pan has two spouts for easy pouring without spillages.

The cookware is designed for professional multiple cooking uses and is ideal for every cooking method. You can make your favorite meals with less oil for a healthy diet.

The ergonomic bakelite handles have a solid cool touch making them suitable to grip.

The 3MM thick and flat magnetic bottom is placed evenly over the heat source, contributing to its durability and sturdiness. 

The tempered glass lids offer clear viewing and seal in heat and moisture, making them perfect for slow cooking and sautéing.

The non-stick granite coating wipes clean easily and benefits health as less oil is needed. Its alsp free of PFOA, PFAS, Cadmium, Lead. 

Our Thoughts

This cookware set is a comprehensive solution for every cooking enthusiast and is an excellent choice for individuals looking for good quality and the best inexpensive cookware set.

This Granite Cookware also comes with five pots and pan protectors accessibility to care and maintenance. Though it also provides a set of oven gloves but is not oven safe.

  • Easier to grip
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Effortless cleanup
  • Healthy and non-toxic
  • Handles get hot
  • No dishwasher and oven safe

5. Home Hero Granite Cookware Set

Home Hero Granite Cookware Set
  • Brand: Home Hero
  • Number of Pieces: 23
  • Weight: 37.5 pounds
  • Finish/Coating: Non-Stick, Cast Iron
  • Oven Safe: Yes (except for the egg pan)
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes 
  • Induction safe: Yes (except for the egg pan)

The Home Hero Granite Cookware Set is creatively designed and aimed at users. The pieces in this cookware are heavy-duty, sure not to warp. Especially the handles of this set have an ergonomic design that does not conduct heat.

This granite cookware offers ultra-non-sticky scratch-resistant skin that is best for cooking and convenient to clean easily.

This dynamic granite cookware set has a fully non-stick feature that makes your cooking hours hassle-free. The cookware has other fascinating features, such as a 100% safe non-stick Teflon coating.

Most cheap cookware doesn’t have a proper layer and mixes with the food and intoxicates it. It is better to be safer than sorry. That’s why the Home Hero brand put thought into and gave a world-class non-stick layer to all of their cookware.

The pans are thin and lightweight than regular pans and cook faster, and use less fuel/power.

However, the food may burn at high temperatures. The non-stick coating is decent and doesn’t chip or defect after months of cooking and washing.

The set also comes with three pan protectors, two cleaning sponges, and two scrapers, making maintenance convenient.

Our Thoughts

Overall, it is excellent cookware to consider if you are buying it for the first time since it comes with various pieces.

  • Cooks food faster than normal pans
  • Uses less fuel/power
  • Tiny pots and pans. Not suitable for large families
  • Discolors after multiple usage

6. MICHELANGELO Granite Cookware Set

MICHELANGELO Stone Cookware Set
  • Number of Pieces: 10
  • Weight: 16.42 pounds
  • Finish/Coating: Whitford Coating, Aluminum, Stainless Steel Handles
  • Oven Safe: up to 450°F
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Induction safe: Yes

To cut a large amount of your cooking time, bring home MICHELANGELO granite cookware as it has a high-quality aluminum alloy body that conducts heat very quickly.

This 10-piece set is your need in your kitchen. It is ideally 100% free of PFOA and PTFE. Not just this, using these granite cooking pans will significantly improve your health because you would not have to use as much oil or butter to keep your food from burning and sticking. 

MICHELANGELO has made these pots and pans flat bottomed. Thus, this allows you to place it over any stove, whether glass or gas. A nice bonus with the Michelangelo pans is the glass, steam-vented lids.

Once you’ve seared your food, you can simmer it controlled, avoiding dehydration. The handle is also comparatively long, making it easy to carry and move around. 

There appear to be very mixed opinions about the pan’s durability. The overriding feedback from reviewers is that the heat distribution is beautifully even and that the non-stick layer lives up to the hype.

Still, one of the instructions for a long life is not to use metal implements at any time—silicone or wooden spatulas only.

Our Thoughts

Overall, the MICHELANGELO Cookware Set is an excellent option if you want an economical, high-quality cookware set that is both eco-friendly and flexible.

  • Excellent non-stick qualities
  • Can handle higher temperatures in the oven
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Excellent heat distribution
  • Not sturdy.
  • The granite coating can peel of if you rub it with a heavy hand while cleaning

7. Caannasweis Granite Cookware Set

Caannasweis Granite Cookware Set
  • Brand: Caannasweis 
  • Number of Pieces: 10
  • Weight: 21.4 pounds
  • Finish/Coating: Nonstick, Die-cast Aluminum, Faux wood handles
  • Oven Safe: No
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Induction safe: No

This Caannasweis Cookware brand is a simple and efficiently designed solution for handling various cooking needs easily. The integrated design of the handle links, without rivets, prevents debris and food buildup, as food residue can be wiped away easily.

The pots and pans are dishwasher safe though you can also hand wash them to extend their life.

However, this Granite cookware doesn’t have a magnetic induction bottom, allowing faster heating on other cooktops.

The ergonomically designed faux wood handles provide a secure grip for comfortable cooking. Though they are not heat resistant, and one has to use pot holders or oven mitts to lift them 

Our Thoughts

Caannasweis granite cookware is an aesthetically designed and ideal option for a healthy and hassle-free cooking experience.

The cooking surfaces are non-toxic materials that have passed over ten thousand wear tests.

The unique three-layer non-stick layer coating gives these pots and pans excellent performance for long-lasting non-stick durability.

  • Aesthetic and appealing design
  • Durable and reliable
  • Handles get extremely hot
  • Not dishwasher and oven compatible

8. ESLITE LIFE Granite Cookware Set

ESLITE LIFE Granite Cookware Set
  • Number of Pieces: 8
  • Weight: 16.76 pounds
  • Finish/Coating: Cast Aluminum, Bakelite Handles
  • Oven Safe: No
  • Dishwasher Safe: No
  • Induction safe: Yes

The Eslite Life Granite cookware set is one of the best granite cookware brand because it is designed with a reinforced die-casting aluminum body and a three-layer bottom that is break-resistant and doesn’t warp.

The cookware’s thick-rim design helps prevent food from spilling and makes it easy to pour. It also provides rapid heat distribution, saving time and energy.

Eslite Life Granite cookware makes cleaning a breeze because the interior coating is high-grade non-stick and helps prevent the food from getting burnt.

It is also 100% PFOA, LED, and CADMIUM free, meeting your demand for everyday cooking.

Our Thoughts

This cookware is ideal for all stoves, including gas, induction, and electric ones.

The manufacturer offers excellent customer service, and if you experience any issues, don’t hesitate to contact them. 

Overall, the ESLITE LIFE Cookware is an excellent choice for those looking for granite cookware under 100$ that is durable, high-quality, eco-friendly set for your kitchen.

  • Easy-to-clean, non-toxic design
  • Break-resistant and durable
  • Ideal for all types of stoves
  • Heat-resistant handles
  • Break-resistant
  • Not oven and dishwasher safe
  • Loose handles
  • May not be suitable for high-temperature

Our Recommendation

As you may have noticed, each cookware has its pros and cons, so it can still be tricky to choose your ideal one. To make things easier for you, I’ve chosen the top three options from the list above based on the criteria listed below.

  • The Best Pick 

My best pick is CAROTE Granite Cookware Set. It is durable, easy to wash, safe, and most importantly, it works with all stovetops. It is the best option if you want a hassle-free and excellent cooking experience.  

  • The Budget Friendly 

My budget-friendly pick is Kitchen Academy Granite Cookware Set. It is eco-friendly, durable, and satisfies all essential requirements at a very reasonable price. If you want an excellent cookware set without breaking the bank, look for this set.

  • The Editor’s Choice 

The most convenient among all these is JEETEE Granite Cookware. It includes practically all of the features required in top-notch cookware and is doing it at a very attractive cost.

It is also compatible with all stovetops, has a variety of items, is simple to clean, and is both sustainable and health-friendly. It is also relatively light and easy to carry.

Buying Guide for the Best Granite Cookware

Plenty of brands sell granite cookware that could allow you to choose the best one. You must check some fundamental attributes instead of selecting from popular brands. Aside from quality, there are certain features you want to have in your new cookware.

1. Cooktop compatibility

Many granite cookwares aren’t compatible with all kinds of stoves. Therefore, in this instance, you want to assess if it is compatible with your cooktop or not.

2. Safety

First, of course, is safety. Look for granite cookware that is PTFE and PFOA free. The same goes for cadmium and lead. If your granite cookware does contain PTFE, limit your cooking temperature to medium heat (below 300ºC) to prevent the coating from becoming unstable and potentially toxic.

3. Overall Design

The design of the cookware is also fundamental. It affects not only the kitchen’s aesthetics but also the comfort level to use. You should also consider the handles and lid features.

Handles should be sturdy, of a moderate length, and absorb little heat to avoid burns during cooking.

The lid should fit well and not warp. The weight of the pieces in this best granite cookware also decides the future of its performance. 

4. Durability

Because of their stone material characteristics, granite cookware is very durable. However, during use, if you accidentally drop or heat it too long, it would damage the coating. Therefore, read the cookware reviews carefully before you buy it to ensure that you are purchasing a product that will last for many years.  

5. Budget

Set a budget for a minimum of around $40 and a maximum of $ 300 to confirm an excellent solid pick with critical durability. Remember that the pricey items aren’t always the best ones. There are many durable options available too at a very reasonable price.

6. Customer service

The customer service on amazon and the return policy is outstanding and has a propensity to protect the customer. So, don’t hesitate to send the seller a message if to have any questions, complaints, shipping problems, or exchanges. Many granite stone cookware reviews have shown that they are highly praised for their service.

Is granite cookware safe?

Each brand is different, though granite cookwares are generally safer and healthier than other cookware, many of which may contain PFOA, lead, and cadmium. Some granite cookware still uses PTFE for its non-stick coating due to its superior performance.

If you own a granite pan that isn’t 100% free from PTFE, you can still protect your health simply by limiting your cooking temperature to medium (350ºC or below). Above that temperature, PTFE starts to degrade and is released into the air.

Another safety issue with granite cookware is the possibility of the enamel coating chipping. Once chipped, you risk bits of ceramic getting into your foods, which isn’t a good idea. So dispose of the damaged graniteware right away.

Ceramic vs Granite cookware what’s the difference?

If you compare the basics, then both ceramic and granite cookware are not that much different, but in some areas, granite has more benefits than ceramic cookware and vice versa.

Though you can get a wide range of color, design, and retention in ceramic cookware, there are some issues you won’t find in granite cookware, like the peeling of layers common in ceramic cookware.

As I have discussed, peeling can expose food to cookware material, proving harmful from time to time. There are no such problems in granite other than stove compatibility primarily.

Can you use granite cookware on high heat?

Using high heat to cook can shorten the lifespan of your granite cookware. If you’re used to cooking with such techniques, there are more suitable types of cookware for high-heat cooking. Such as cast iron, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

The good news is that you can use graniteware for high-heat cooking techniques at medium-high heat. That is because they are, in general, very heat-efficient.

How can I maintain my granite cookware?

  • Refrain from utilizing steel utensils when cooking with granite countertops as it can damage the coat. Instead, opt for silicone or wooden kitchen utensils.
  • Prevent dropping or bumping your granite countertop cookware against hard surfaces. If you accidentally drop your granite pan and the inside coating becomes cracked, eliminate the skillet immediately.
  • When cooking with your granite burner, heat the pan to medium-high warmth to maintain the nonstick coating.
  • Using a little oil when cooking may create a nonstick coating that lasts longer. That is particularly important when using high-heat cooking methods such as searing and stir-frying.

What exactly do PFOS and APEO mean?

PFOS stands for perfluorooctane sulfonate. APEO is an abbreviation of their tongue-twister Alkylphenol ethoxylates, which can be under limited use in certain countries due to environmental concerns about their poor capacity for biological degradation.

Other artificial chemicals phased out of this Teflon manufacturing procedure are poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and perfluorobutane sulfonate (PFBS).

What will be the advantages of utilizing granite cookware?

Granite cookware has invaluable benefits.

Firstly, compared to cast iron, granite cookware is lightweight.

Secondly, this cookware type does not rust compared to cast iron.

Thirdly, it is made of an aluminum core and carbon steel which heats up quickly. As a result, you can save cooking time.

Finally, granite cookware does not release harmful chemicals on food, which might harm your health.

Can I fix chipped granite cookware?

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix a damaged surface. In fact, manufacturers discourage further use of damaged graniteware since the exposed steel core or chipped ceramic might leach into your food.

If the manufacturer’s warranty covers your granite cookware, ask their customer service for a replacement.

Does granite cookware need oil?

Most of the time, you don’t need to use oil with a granite pan. The non-stick coating on the granite means that food won’t stick, so no need for added oils. However, if you want to add some extra flavor or prevent sticking, then a small amount of oil may be used.

Is GraniteStone cookware Teflon free?

Yes, GraniteStone cookware is Teflon-free. It has a special non-stick coating that makes it safe and reliable for everyday cooking. The coating is also free from PFOA and PFOS which are synthetic chemicals found in some non-stick cookware. This makes GraniteStone cookware an excellent choice for health-conscious cooks.

How long does granite cookware last?

Granite cookware/pans typically last between two and five years, depending on how much use they get and the quality of the materials. To ensure maximum longevity, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and storing your granite cookware.

Is granite cookware better than nonstick?

Granite cookware is generally considered to be a better choice than non-stick cookware because it is more durable, doesn’t require special care and cleaning, and may have superior heat distribution.

Additionally, granite cookware does not contain the potentially harmful chemicals found in some non-stick cookware.

Is granite coating safe for cookware?

Yes, granite coating for cookware is safe. It does not contain any toxic materials and it does not release any harmful chemicals even when heated. Granite coating also provides non-stick properties and is highly scratch resistant. This makes it ideal for healthy cooking and easy cleanup.

Do I need to season my granite cookware?

No, you do not need to season your granite cookware. The non-stick coating makes it easy to use and clean without the need for seasoning. This also helps preserve its quality for a longer period of time.

Is granite good cookware?

Yes, granite cookware is a great choice for home cooking. Not only does it look great and provide even heat distribution, but it is also non-stick and easy to clean. Plus, its durability means you can use it for years with minimal maintenance.

Can I Cook Acidic Dishes with Granite Cookware?

Since the porcelain coating is inert, you can cook acidic foods with granite cookware without worrying about your food’s changing color or taste.

What makes granite cookware better than cast iron?

Unlike cast iron, granite cookware does not require seasoning to be nonstick. These cookwares are also lighter and more suitable for people who can’t lift heavy ones.


There you have it, I have covered a lot of granite sets in this article, and they are all grouped primarily to what you might need in your kitchen, from the nutritional value of food to tiny details like energy conservation and cookware design.

I hope you enjoyed these choices and are considering adding one of the sets to your kitchen. If so, do tell me about your favorite set in the comments section below. I’d be